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Matt Bauer brought his Bolide, and won third place in the Free Style competition at Robogames.

The Possibilities are Endless

Bolide Y-01

Mimics human movements using 18 smart servos (max. torque 25kg-cm).


  • 18 degrees of freedom and 330 degrees of effective position control.

  • Create your own unique robot by using 3D printable parts.

  • Teach Bolide Y-01 new movements and actions with Arduino 1.0.6 and the XYZrobot Editor.

  • Control Bolide Y-01 using the remote control or your smartphone and tablet via the XYZrobot app for Android and Apple devices.

  • Download free motion scripts from the official XYZrobot website.

Bolide Y-01's built-in accelerometers help prevent falls

Bolide Y-01's IR sensor detects objects at different distances

Bolide Y-01's built-in accelerometers and IR sensor provide postural stability and alert Bolide Y-01 to objects in its path.

Smart Servos

Torque: 25kg-cm at 12V

Bolide Y-01's Smart Servos transmit temperature, speed, and position data, and each servo includes four color LEDs displaying the servo status.

Bolide assembly develops logical thinking

Build logical thinking skills by building Bolide Y-01 Improve logical and spatial thinking skills and learn how sensors work. Build Bolide Y-01 yourself for an added sense of accomplishment!

*The assembly manual and videos are available for further details.

Creative 3D printable designs

Showcase your design talent by creating a unique Bolide Y-01! Download .STL files or design your own 3D printable parts.

*.STL files available for download

Learn robot architecture through reconfiguration

Modular construction design includes an MCU and Smart Servos. Add on simple components to build a wide variety of different robots.

*The assembly manual and videos are available for different movement ideas.

Use XYZrobot Editor to program Bolide Y-01's movements

Teach Bolide Y-01 an endless number of actions.

Three methods of operation

  • Four programmable buttons control movements and audio file (when MicroSD card is enabled).

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LTE remote control.

  • XYZrobot app for your smartphone or tablet.

Available in three styles to suit a range of robotics enthusiasts

• Fully assembled

Easily programmable right out of the box.

• Semi-assembled

Pre-assembled limbs make set-up quick and easy.

• DIY kit

Enjoy the challenge of assembling Bolide Y-01 from scratch.

Replacement batteries available for purchase and easy to swap out.

Remote control features 2 joysticks and 6 buttons for a wide range of actions.