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Matt Bauer brought his Bolide, and won third place in the Free Style competition at Robogames.

Embrace the Future!

XYZrobot has brought a new innovation in smart life concept – the Smart Service Robot. With auto-navigation, mapping and monitoring capabilities, obstacle avoidance and surveillance, this robot allows people interact with others as if they were in the same place without actually being there.

Indoor navigation

There are three types of indoor navigation, and our service robot successfully put them together. Firstly, we use beacon to do auto navigation, set up three beacons from first place, we put beacon in smart lamp, ceiling detection and smart plug combine with IoT control to perfect our service. Secondly, just simply click on the map in your tablet to give Robot direction as semi-navigation. Thirdly, you can use visual navigation by smart phone and tablet.


The other main function our service robot has is mapping. Once service robot goes into a room, it will go through the room and automatically memorize the route, then the draft is made. We will improve engineering graphics to GUI to make it more user friendly, if users want to redecorate their house, only need to drag the icons on the map, robot will update the new map as well.


Telepresence allows people interact with others as if they were in the same place without actually being there. We came up with the solution-robotic tele-presence. The biggest difference is making communication from passive to active, in a more efficient way to approach people.


Next generation product can even identify face and voice and alarm when door or window is broken.

IoT Control

IoT functions allow you to control your home devices such as lamps, plugs even a timer for advance uses when you are on the way home.

Success stories

XYZrobot cooperate with one of the biggest home-related product and service chain stores in Taiwan since OCT 2015.

Smart Service Robot brings new in-store shopping experience to customers and role as customer service to assist communication tasks. The Smart Service Robot has had very positive result – both customers and employees love it.